About Us


See Your Life in a Whole New Light

Alan Wright Ministries exists to share the light of Jesus Christ, the New Covenant that He has fulfilled, and the kingdom that He has inaugurated, such that people experience God’s love, are set free by fresh understandings of themselves and God, and mature into heirs of deep spiritual riches in Christ so they can fulfill their destinies to change the world.

What We Do

Conference Ministry

Our conferences offer the participant the chance to immerse themselves in the good news of the gospel, receive fresh revelations of God’s love and their position as spiritual heirs in the Kingdom, and partake of deep, healing prayer ministry. During the conference, the lies of shame are dismantled and replaced with a new revelation of God’s healing power. We travel the country 6-8 times per year and currently offer 2 types of conferences, covering a Friday night/Saturday morning:

Free Yourself, Be Yourself Conference
Grace x2 Marriage Conference
Good News for Parents Conference

Radio Ministry

We produce a 30 minute daily radio program, currently offered on roughly 400 stations across the country. One-half of all radio listeners are unchurched, and our program presents a fresh and winsome view of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Listeners can interact with our ministry through a toll-free number, and order products as needed.

Vibrant Digital and Product Development

Pastor Alan Wright has authored 5 books and preaches weekly at Reynolda Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Sermon CD sets, DVDs for small groups, and books are offered on our website for those who wish to go deeper into the truth of the gospel. We provide these resources to both individuals as well as churches.