Core Values


Our Core Values at Alan Wright Ministries

1) The Centrality of the Gospel: The Gospel (grace, good news) is the power of God for transformation. People are changed by the Gospel; not by good advice.

2) A Shame-free Environment: People grow best in an environment of love and acceptance.

3) The Power of Blessing: People rise to meet the vision of success that is spoken over them.

4) The Christian’s Spiritual Inheritance: Christians are not just saved sinners; they are heirs of every spiritual blessing in Christ.

5) The Presence of God’s Kingdom: The Kingdom of God, with all its majesty and miracles, is not a future hope, but a certain reality.

6) The Beauty of Balance: As Jesus was full of grace AND full of truth, so shall we wed mercy and honesty, Spirit and Word, power and authority, and heart and mind.

7) Healing and Hope: God’s heart is for the healing of wounded souls so that they can live out the hope of their calling.

8) The Church: The Church of Jesus Christ is the hope of the world; we must strengthen the local church and never harm it.

9) Engaging the Culture: We are in the world, but not of the world.  We must present the power of the Gospel in winsome and creative ways to engage the culture and shine the light of Jesus Christ into the darkness.

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