May 29, 2024
lake between trees and mountains

When Love Engulfs Sin

If love engulfs a Multitude of sins, Be swamped and soaked And saturated in The Love of God. If love […]
May 28, 2024
a grassy hill with a mountain in the background

It’s Finally Over!

“Christ is the end of the Law For Righteousness to Everyone who believes.” (Romans 10:4) It means the End of […]
May 27, 2024
green trees beside body of water

Filled with Good News

May you be enamored today With the goodness of the Good News, Rapt with wonder at The goodness of… What […]
May 24, 2024
bird's-eye photography of white boat

The Allure of a More Beautiful Song

May you triumph Over temptation Not in the manner Of Odysseus who shackled Himself to the ship mast Forbidding his […]
May 23, 2024
woman walking on body of water

Weep No More

“Thus says the Lord: ‘Keep your voice from weeping, And your eyes from tears….” (Jer. 31:16) There is a time […]
May 22, 2024
brown and gray feather near seashore

The Greatest Power

No matter what bad news Or confusing dilemma Or challenging circumstance You might face today, I bless you to join […]
May 21, 2024
person holding stack of wheat

Claim Your Generational Blessings

I bless you to Envision, Enjoy, And embrace The generational blessings That have snuck into your life, Without you knowing […]
May 20, 2024
silhouette photo of woman standing while facing body of water

God at Work for Your Good

I bless the “good” That God is working Toward in “all things” In your life. “We know that for Those […]
May 17, 2024
black and white bird on brown tree branch

Being Loved Means Being Treasured

I bless you to Know, Experience, Apprehend, And Live In the love of God That “covers a multitude of sins” […]
May 16, 2024
brown grass surrounded by green trees

The Secret Path to Blessedness

I bless you to give and give and give And to love it and love it and love it. Take […]
May 15, 2024
brown wooden dock on sea under blue sky during daytime

The Humility that Leads to Honor

May the weak times, The humbling times, The hard times, Be, for you, The gateway to honor. “Humility comes before […]
May 14, 2024
a person standing on top of a mountain

An Uber Conqueror

In Christ, You aren’t merely victorious, You are “more than a conqueror” (Rom. 8:37). A “hypernike” (Greek)– An “uber conqueror.” […]
May 25, 2020
flags of USA with pole


Are you ready for some good news?   When you rehearse God’s presence in the past, you’ll find fresh faith […]